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Seasonal Edging & Mulch

This includes establishing or reestablishing borders between yard, gardens and driveway, and also ensuring optimal levels of mulch are in place. Ensure gardens thrive, and pathways look their best this season.

Spring & Fall Clean Up

With the change of seasons comes a need for weed picking, evening out gravel driveways, leaf raking, grass cutting, and tree and hedge trimming and pruning. Our proactive services consider the present health and condition of your trees and shrubs. Reduce plant problems, minimize environmental risk and encourage healthy plant growth. Services are based on your property's needs.

Weeding & Perennial Care

Pruning and maintenance of the plants and flowers that come back with each season is the foundation of care for your property. Weeding and perennial care will keep your yard looking organized and growing in a healthful way.

Seasonal Flower Installation

Get annuals in at the right time so they can reach their optimal color and beauty! When Toledo Lawns Landscaping installs seasonal flowers, you can rest assured the results will be stunning. We keep proper sun exposure in mind, coordinate plants and shrubs to best showcase your home, and consider your property's unique needs.

Trimming & Pruning

When your trees and shrubs need trimming and pruning, trust Toledo Lawns to do it right the first time. We shape, sculpt and beautify your trees and shrubs to promote optimal growth and greenery around your home and property. We consider the height of windows, position relative to flower gardens, and desired size and shape when caring for your trees and shrubs.

Leaf Removal

Trust a landscape maintenance expert to quickly and efficiently remove leaves from your property this season!


Toledo Lawns provides irrigation design/install services, and can ensure an existing irrigation system is delivering sufficient water through our irrigation maintenance program. We troubleshoot and fix electrical and mechanical issues, leaks, timer problems, fuses and valves for pop-up sprinkler systems and drip irrigation systems. Let us help you make sure plants and lawn receive the water they need while minimizing wasted water.

Lawn Seeding & Aerating

Let Toledo Lawns reestablish a failing lawn or seed a new section of your property through our lawn seeding and aeration program. Aeration is often overlooked, but is vital to maintaining a healthy lush lawn. Golf courses and sports fields have their lawns aerated each year, and many homeowners are following suit. Aeration allows seed, water, fertilizer, lime, and pesticides to penetrate even deeper. Our aeration program also improves drainage and helps prevent wet spots and puddles from forming on the lawn.

Lawn & Garden Fertilization

Food is just as important to your lawns and gardens as water! Be sure they receive optimal nutrition with our fertilization services. Trust Toledo Lawns, the experts in balancing soil pH and nutrient blends to bring bright green to your yard and color to your gardens.

Organic Lawn & Garden Care

On request, Toledo Lawns provides our environmentally-conscious customers with LeafGro, an all-natural fertilizer solution for your yard, trees, shrubs and gardens. An all-natural compost produced by local recycling facilites, it is made from composted leaves and grass clippings that would have normally been disposed of in a landfill.

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