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Bring your lawn back to life safely and organically! The spring and fall are ideal times to rejuvenate your lawn after a tough winter and summer.


For restoring lawns, the best natural defense against weeds is dense, thick turf. Even in the healthiest lawns, grass dies each winter. This is especially true in colder climates like Ohio. Overseeding is a great tool for creating and maintaining a lush lawn.


We recommend adding new grass seed to an established lawn every year, in the spring or fall, with our sustainable blend of grass seed. This custom blend, made of primarily tall fescue, creates a dense root system that retains water and protects your grass against drought, disease, weed germination, and tough Midwest summer heat.


Give us a call at 419-318-8873 or contact Toledo Outdoor Living, A Toledo Lawns Company online to schedule your organic lawn care appointment today! Now is a great time to restore your beautiful lawn!


Planting a new lawn can be more frustrating than most homeowners realize, fortunately there are a few ways to increase how effective your grass planting will be and how full and thriving the lawn as a whole will look. One of the best ways to make your new lawn flawless is to invest in professionally performed hydroseeding in Toledo, Ohio. This specially designed technique has been used for residential and commercial purposes for years and has always proven to bring about beautiful, lush, and highly healthy grass growth, even on steeply sloped terrain where grass seed would typically slide and settle incorrectly. As more and more homeowners get back outdoors and start paying careful attention to the look and feel of their lawns, hydroseeding in Toledo, Ohio is set to be one of the biggest landscaping services on the market!

If you’re looking to give your home’s landscaping the richest, fullest lawn available hydroseeding in Toledo, Ohio is exactly what you’re looking for. Our team of experienced, highly trained landscapers have all the equipment and know-how to make sure that your lawn looks as beautiful as possible for as long as possible without you having to waste a single moment of your free time on seeding, maintaining, or managing along the way!

Slit Seeding

The most effective way to seed your lawn and increase turf density is through slice seeding. We use a machine called a slice seeder to cut vertically through your turf and into the soil, which drops seeds at the same time. This seed-to-soil contact helps the seed germinate, resulting in a faster and much higher germination rate than overseeding.



We begin our overseeding service by using a rake to remove all dead grass and twigs. This ensures good contact between the soil and new seed. Then, we spread our custom blend of high-quality sustainable grass seed and apply the Toledo Lawns organic seed starter to promote germination and establish strong roots. Before we leave, we spread a seed starter mulch layer over the seed to protect it and keep it moist.

5 Benefits of Overseeding Your Lawn

Reduces Erosion

Improves Appearance

Reduces Risk of Pests & Disease

Increases Turf Thickness

Reduces Need for Chemicals

Turf Aeration & Soil Care

Adding air to your soil—or aerating—each year is one of the best things you can do for your lawn. We offer  Mechanical (core) aeration services.


Aeration breaks through a thatch layer, allows roots to breathe, and makes it easier for water and nutrients to penetrate the soil.  Aeration also combines well with seeding.


Spring/Fall Aeration  This effectively breaks up clay soil, reduces density and compaction and adds essential minerals to your soil to create the structure for optimal root growth and turf density.


Spring/Fall Aeration: Toledo Lawns uses mechanical aeration:  mechanical (core-aeration) for several reasons, primarily to amend soil compaction and promote root density. Aeration opens the soil to provide needed oxygen for root systems to thrive.


Fall tends to be the best time for mechanical  or core aeration because it creates better seed to soil contact, which enhances our fall seeding services.


If you have really compacted soil or poor quality soil, we can combine both mechanical aeration.

Residental & Commercial Services


For most people, a home is one of the biggest  investments, and an attractive home and appealing landscape add to the homeowner's quality of life and make the most of his or her investment. We know how much homeowners appreciate and value a lawn that adds beauty to the home, and we want our customers' investment in their lawn to give them impeccable performance and an enduring enjoyment, as well as add to the overall quality of their home. With the right kind of grass and lawn installation as a foundation to lawn establishment, it is essential that the homeowner have the right information along with excellent service for a new lawn purchase and installation.


If you are looking for high quality, unbeatable service, and a beautiful lawn then Toledo Lawns is your #1 Choice! Check us out by contacting us


Toledo Lawns grass installation is our business, and you will be completely satisfied with our service. Key considerations for anyone establishing a new lawn include the time they will have to spend to maintain their lawn as well as the quality, appearance, and ultimate enjoyment of their lawn.


Toledo Lawns grass installation professionals know that several different types of grass can thrive when the homeowner consults us for advice and service. The overall effect will be a yard presentation that offers a prime landscape for your home and that will offer you a stunning lawn with low-maintenance care for the long term.


It is important when selecting grass for your lawn that you find a company which will provide you with expertise, a top-quality grass product, and friendly, fast service. Our main goal is complete customer satisfaction. Contact Toledo Lawns today for your next grass Installation.



Toledo Lawns is perfectly positioned to provide you with the absolute best in Lawn Installation and Restortion service!

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