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We know mulch. It's a common material used in landscaping projects, useful to protect flower beds and tree roots. A nice layer of mulch covering the ground around plants and trees helps keep weeds down and locks in moisture. It is good for your landscape, and it looks nice, too. Does your property in Toledo, Ohio need mulch installation? Toledo Outdoor Living has exactly what you need.



Let's cover the basics before you cover your ground. Mulch is an all-natural material. It can be made with different ingredients to achieve different results, but basically, it's composed of wood chips combined with other organic materials. The end result is like soil in milkshake form, thick and rich. Unlike most milkshakes, mulch is very healthy (for your landscape). Nitrogen-rich and nutrient-packed, a good mulch feeds the soil that it covers.

We put mulch to all sorts of good uses: around trees, in garden beds, and on playgrounds. What does it actually do? Good question. Let's look at the different functions of mulch.

Mulch Details

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Mulch Puts Good Stuff Into The Soil

The organic matter in the mulch breaks down and enters into the soil beneath it, providing nutrients for healthy plants and trees.


Mulch Saves Water

Thick layers of mulch act like insulation, keeping needed moisture locked underneath. It soaks up rain and protects the soil from the evaporating powers of the hot sun.


Mulch Protects against cold snaps

In Toledo, Ohio, we can get unexpected cold snaps that kill plants and even trees. Mulch protects the vulnerable root systems, so it takes longer for the cold to seep into the plants. Think of mulch as a scarf, warding off the cold.


Mulch Details

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Mulch Controls Weeds

Put a mulch barrier around your valued plants to keep weeds out. Weeds can't take root when mulch is on patrol.


Mulch Helps Trees Live Long, Healthy Lives

When you install a layer of mulch around a tree, you are setting up that tree for good health. The mulch protects the root system from extreme weather damage as well as invasive plants. It also deters root disease. Mulch is good for trees all year round.


Mulch Beautifies Your Landscape

Mulch by itself looks kind of like...wood chips and dirt. Mulch in a landscape looks like a pleasing dark border between different elements of the artistic whole. The overall effect is pleasing to the eye. It smooths out rough edges. It keeps weeds from spoiling the effect. It provides visual contrast in your landscape. We love how mulch adds the finishing touch to an already gorgeous area.


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